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All banner ads are offered as an "as available" basis.

There may come a time when a cap will be placed on the actual number of running banner ads accepted. This would be to insure that all current banner advertisers get enough impressions of their banner ads to make this worthwhile doing for them. This cap could be put in place at any time, with no prior warning, but will not be made retroactive.
In other words, if you have your account set up here and have active ads running, you will NOT get bumped out of place to make room for any new advertisers. But if your ads have lapsed and your account appears to be abandoned for 60 days or more, it is subject to being removed at any time as deemed necessary.
Further, any account that appears to be abandoned by being dormant for 1 year or more will be deleted to keep the clutter down in this system. Some people may register here and never really bother to run advertisements, and those will be weeded out pretty quickly. People who register here are assumed that they are going to USE this system. It is really no big deal to register anew if your account lapses and gets deleted, but please don't bother registering if you are just visiting and have no need for the services offered with this program.
Anyone leaving any funds dormant in their account for more than a year without utilizing those funds for running their banner ad will be considered as having abandoned those funds and will not be granted any refund.
If you register on this site and pay funds into it by mistake, there will be no refunds. I have enough to do paying for my own mistakes without spending my time correcting yours.

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