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  1. Where will my ads appear?
  2. How do I set up a text ad?
  3. How do I set up payments and funding for my ads?
  4. What types of banner ads are accepted?
  5. How much do banner ads cost?
  6. I can't log in! What is wrong?
  7. My ad won't take me to my site when it is clicked on! What is wrong?
Where will my ads appear?

Well, that depends. First off, decide where you want your ads to appear, and what kind of ads you are thinking about. For instance, if you want to just place a classified ad on FaunaClassifieds.com, then you are at the wrong place right now. Placing ads there is for FREE. Placing banner ads HERE is NOT FREE. THIS site is solely for placing site wide ads that show up as graphic banners or text block ads. This site is NOT for placing ads in the individual classifieds forums. You can do that directly from FaunaClassifieds.com when you are registered and logged into that site.

If you are here and you want to place banner ads, then you need to decide where exactly you wish those banner ads to appear. These are known as "zones" and you can select which zone you are interested in when you are in the process of CREATING AN AD. Each zone will have it's own requirements concerning what type of ad will appear there, and those requirements are quite strict. If it states a 120x600 ad, 121x599 will NOT work. So take your time to read everything before just plugging in things hoping it will work for you.

But most importantly, make CERTAIN that this site is where you really want to be. If you simply want to place a classified ad on FaunaClassifieds.com or CornSnakes.com, then you are at the wrong place. However, if you want to display banner ads on FaunaClassifieds.com or CornSnakes.com, or some of the other sites I manage, then yes, THIS is the place you need to be in order to accomplish that goal.

How do I set up a text ad?

Easy! Just follow these steps:
  1. Log in to this system
  2. Select type of ad you want if more than one is offered.
  3. Note the cost of the ad so you will know what to expect in running time.
  4. Click on Create New Ad
  5. Fill in the blanks for your text ad
    • Title = Bolded text at the top of your ad.
    • Description = 80 characters of descriptive text.
    • URL = actual web address of your site in the format http://www.YourSite.com (Don't forget the "http://" prefix at the beginning of your URL!)
    • Display URL = This is the text that will actually be displayed as being the link to your site.
  6. Save ad.
  7. Be certain to make note of funding for your account. Check the other FAQ listing for account funding.
How do I set up payments and funding for my ads?
  1. Register here if you are not already registered.
  2. Log into your account by using your registered logon info.
  3. Go to My Account in the menu bar on the left hand margin.
  4. Click on the [Add Funds] button, which will take you to your Paypal account so you can transfer funds to your account here. Please note that there is a minimum of $25 per each transfer.
  5. That's it! When funds are transferred, you are then enabled to get your ads running whereever you have created them. ALL ads created here draw from one single account, so you don't have to add funds for each one. Simply deactivate any ads you want to pause or discontinue to keep them from drawing from your account.
  6. Please note that this system will send you a notice whenever your account reaches less than $3 to remind you that your funds are running low. This is a daily routine run by the system, so this notice will go out every day as long as your account remains at less than $3.00. If you wish to cease those notifications, please contact me and I can either make your account temporarily INACTIVE, or delete it if you wish to be permanently removed from this site.
What types of banner ads are accepted?

This software will only accept GIF, JPG, PNG and JPEG files for banner ads.

Sizes are:
  1. Horizontal banner ad - 468x60 pixels
  2. Vertical banner ad - 120x600 pixels
  3. Small banner - 120x60 pixels
How much do banner ads cost?

Banner ads cost from 10 cents to 25 cents USD per day to run, depending on the type of ad. You put money into your account here, and each day your ad runs, the amount of the ad is deducted from that account until you deplete it or manually pause your ad. There is quite a bit of flexibility in how you want to run your ad campaign, but you will need to review the particular ad(s) you are interested in to see what YOU feel is the most effective use of your advertising dollars.

Please note that the way this software was written, the "day" starts at midnight. So if you start your ad at 11pm, you will only get 1 hour of runtime but be charged for an entire day. So plan you payments accordingly when you start your ad campaign.

I can't log in! What is wrong?

When you register, a verification email will be sent to the email address you provide when you set up an account here. You MUST click on the link provided in that email in order to verify your account here and put your account into ACTIVE status. Failure to do so will leave your account in an INACTIVE status, which will cause that account to be deleted after several days.

If you have registered at this site and after 10 days have not put any money into your account to run any ads, the assumption is made that you registered on this site with no real intention of running paid advertisements. Therefore your registration has been deleted. If this was done prematurely, you can simply register again, but I suggest you begin running ads before another 10 days lapses. This is done in an effort to keep the clutter down in this system.

If you have been a previous paid advertiser here and approximately 60 days have lapsed since your last payment, your account has likely just been made inactive. Please email me about making it active again if you want to resume your ads.

If you have been a previous paid advertiser here and approximately 1 year has lapsed since your last payment, your account has likely been deleted from the system. I am sorry, but if you wish to advertise again, you will have to create a new account. I cannot keep presumed abandoned accounts here forever.

My ad won't take me to my site when it is clicked on! What is wrong?

Normally the cause of this problem is because you forgot to put the "http://" prefix at the beginning of your URL in the prompt for your ad. Check it and make sure you have that prefix and correct it if that is the case. That will most likely clear up that problem.

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