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Welcome to Fauna Ads!


This site is SOLELY for the management of banner ads and text ads running on FaunaClassifieds.com, CornSnakes.com, FaunaTopSites.com, and various other sites I run. It has NOTHING at all to do with classified ads placed within any of those websites! If you mistakenly place funds into your account, I do not offer refunds (my time is valuable too) in order to correct your mistake. So before you do add funds here, please take the time to understand what you are doing.
If this is your first time here, take some time to look around at the options before trying to actually use anything. It's pretty easy to use, but does require you to go through a modest learning curve.
Firstly, MOST advertisements run through this site will cost you 25 cents per day with a $25 minimum. Please check the particular ad space you are interested in for the price charged for your ad. I am sorry, but there are NO free advertising options available. So unless you are prepared to pay for advertising, you really have nothing to gain by registering here. This site was established SOLELY to help give advertisers a rather unique method to handle their PAID advertising options.
Please read the FAQ first, and that should get you through some of the basic stuff. Like anything new, take the time to read as much as you can before actually trying to DO anything here.
Please note that any account that appears to be abandoned by being dormant for 60 days or more will be set to INACTIVE to keep the clutter down in this system. If you have an account here and cannot log on, please contact me to have your account made ACTIVE again. Any account dormant for 1 year or more will be deleted. Any account that is created here and no funds are made into it for 10 days after being created will simply be deleted with the assumption being made it was created here in error. Some people may register here and never really intended to run advertisements, and those will be weeded out pretty quickly. People who register here are assumed that they are going to USE this system. It is really no big deal to register anew if your account lapses and gets deleted, but please don't waste your time registering if you are just visiting and have no need for the services offered with this program at this time.
Currently, you can run advertising on the following sites through this portal:
  1. FaunaClassifieds.com (468x60 graphic) $.25 per day
  2. FaunaClassifieds.com (120x600 graphic) $.25 per day
  3. CornSnakes.com (468x60 graphic $.25 per day
  4. CornSnakes.com (120x600 graphic) $.25 per day
  5. FaunaTopSites.com (468x60 graphic) $0.25 per day
  6. FaunaTopSites.com (120x600 graphic) $0.25 per day
  7. Chat System Pages (468x60 graphic) $.25 per day
  8. Chat System Pages (120x600 graphic) $.25 per day
  9. FaunaClassifieds.com text line at top of pages. $.25 per day
  10. FaunaClassifieds.com text boxes on right hand margin. $0.25 per day
  11. FaunaClassifieds Sponsor Drop Down ads. $0.10 per day (requires a 120x60 graphic and a text description)
More are planned to be added later as time permits. ALL of the above options (except as noted) are set at a flat 25 cents per day, I guess because I just like things simple and easy to figure out.

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